Balazs Turos - Projects

After completing my university studies I found myself in an unusual situation. Even though the university taught me very much, I did not have time to work for my own enjoyment, without having to constantly meet others’ expectations. When I started losing confidence in photography, I moved to South West England for 14 months.In England, I started photographic work only after two months of rest. I became open-minded at work, instead of restraining myself. The objective was to understand my relationship to photography by working on heterogenic series: what do I find most important, how far can I go, and how much can I sacrifice for my goals. I considered the time spent in Plymouth an experiment. What happens when I excessively commit myself to reach the above mentioned objectives: for example, I lived in a warehouse, and saved the rainwater dropping from the ceiling in a bucket. From the money I put aside I bought a 8X10” wooden camera, with which I made the Relic series. I did not seek to establish a relationship between the series, or to deeply analyze different topics. Yet, the entire project required such mental focus and commitment, that finally I understood my real objective. Photography. As simple as that. Because it really isn’t more complicated.